Outdoor Mathematics

The didactic unit «outdoor mathematics» aims to apply mathematics in our environment, developing a series of experiences that will give us the answers to our questions.

By dividing the students into groups where there were students of both nationailities (Romanian and Spanish) and with the combination of theory and experimentation, they had to:

1.- Calculate the densities of different types of wood that we can find in Spain and thus predict which would float better or worse.

2.- Demonstrate if the air weighs.

3.- Calculate how high the laboratory window was.

4.- Demonstrate that air occupies a space.

5.- Calculate the density of rocks and minerals in our environment, by different methods.

6.- And apply the mathematics to deactivate a bomb, as in Die hard (Bruce Willis).

During the experiments, the students recorded themselves with their mobile devices and subsequently edited them with the pertinent explanations.

Here there is an example of one of these videos:

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Programa integrado de innovación educativa de la cooperativa de enseñanza "El Salvador" de Barreda (Cantabria)

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