Technology 2ºESO: Designing a drip irrigation system for Africa

Water is essential for life. The quantity of fresh water in Africa is limited. Preserving fresh water is important for drinking water supplies, food production and leisure activities. Water quality can be affected by infectious substances, toxic chemicals or radiation.

Almost 70% of all available fresh water in Africa is used for agriculture so we need to optimize methods of watering crops to prevent wasting water through evaporation, run- off and infiltration too far from the roots.

The project in this unit is to design and build a homemade drip irrigation system to optimize the consumption of water for African plants and specifically for the most common plants in Kenya or Tanzania.

What do you have to do?

  1. Nominate a coordinator or representative for the group; other duties will be shared out among the rest of the group later.
  2. Look for information on the most important plant types in Tanzania or Kenya, choose one and explain its characteristics.
  3. Look up information about different design solutions for drip irrigation systems.
  4. Design a drip irrigation system following the process described in the unit, following the stages and creating the documents required.
  5. Build the drip irrigation system you have designed for the chosen plant.
  6. Test and check the system.
  7. Writing a building report.
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